What You Need To Know When Registering A Domain

Are you planning to build your own website? If so, you’ll need a domain name, first and foremost. Here are some crucial considerations to look at when registering a domain:

1. Pick the best domain registrar you can afford.

A quick search on the Internet will lead you to hundreds of domain registrars; some are very reputable while others can make you a bit suspicious.  Some will offer free registration of your domain, while others charge a fee. The problem with entrusting your domain to some random registrar is that they may not be approved by ICANN, which means that your domain will be rendered useless when you sign up for a (or change your) hosting provider.

2. Think long-term. 

You may be able to get some good deals on 1-year registrations but there’s a catch – you’ll pay double or even triple when you renew. So if you’re planning to build an e-commerce empire, you might as well register for 3-5 years. Not only will you save on renewal fees but you’ll also spare yourself the hassle of having to renew annually.

3. Invest in domain privacy protection.

This add-on feature is a necessary expense and by getting it, you can protect your information from hackers and thieves. When you have domain privacy protection, your address, phone number and name will be hidden from everyone else on the Internet.

4. Don’t use SEO when deciding your domain name.

This trick used to work 5-7 years ago but it’s no longer as effective today. It’s more professional and effective to use a catchy domain name, such as the name of your company instead of using a keyword. You want to build trust online, and names like “cheaplawnmowers.com” won’t appear professional or trustworthy in the eyes of your potential customers.

5. Install an SSL certificate.

You can get this from your domain registrar or your web hosting provider. In any case, an SSL certificate will make your website more secure and will encrypt credit card data and other information.

6. Register only one domain per website.

Some experts may encourage you to get multiple domain names for your website. For example, if your main domain name is “BlueDragon.com” they may encourage you to get “BlueDragon.net” BlueDragon.org” BluDragon.com” and so on. But if you’re just starting out, you don’t really have a lot of budget for domain names, right? It’s OK to do this when you’re already running a big business online. But at the beginning, it’s not necessary.

7. Finally, set a budget for your domain name.
Some names can go for as high as ten thousand dollars or more, while there are those that you can get for $5 maybe even less, if you’re lucky. But you need to know how much you’re willing to spend on your domain name and stick to this amount. There are better ways to spend your money, such as in building a professional looking website or in marketing your business in social media.